Friday, January 4, 2013

Best Mineral Makeup

Having soft, glowing and dewy skin is what every woman wants. But not everyone is blessed with it. So makeup comes to the rescue and one of the best makeup formulation is mineral makeup. It is gentle on the skin and does not contain any harsh chemicals and preservatives. What's more, it is great for women who have acne prone skin or sensitive skin since it is made with natural organic ingredients. Mineral makeup contains minerals like zinc oxide, aluminum oxide which gives the skin a dewy light finish unlike regular makeup. But finding the best mineral makeup brand that works for you in terms of ingredients as well as color and coverage is quite important.

Best Mineral Makeup Brands
There are many brands of mineral makeup available in the market from low-cost drugstore brands to high-end ones. Foundations, concealers, loose powders and eye shadows are some of the best cosmetics that is better to use as mineral makeup. Before purchasing any cosmetics, it is best to read about some mineral makeup reviews so that you can make an informed decision.

MAC Mineral Makeup

MAC mineral makeup has a light texture and lasts all day long without streaking and smearing. Mac mineral blushers comes in some of the widest colors and they are ideal for all skin types, be it dry, sensitive or oily. The makeup foundation and concealer provides good coverage and controls oil in the T-zone. The best thing about using Mac cosmetics is that it is one of the most reputed cosmetic brands and hence you can be sure that they do intensive tests and research before launching their products. This ensures that these products are safe to use even on sensitive and acne prone skin.

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals has been a pioneer in making natural mineral makeup a popular choice in cosmetics. It has a very light texture and its foundation comes in three shades, ensuring that you find a perfect match for your skin tone. It is effective for concealing brown spots, freckles and other skin blemishes, without looking cakey and artificial. It is one of the best mineral makeup for acne prone skin, since its natural formulation prevents flare-ups. One of the best thing about Bare Minerals makeup is that it holds up very well even in heat and humidity and lasts all day long without requiring any touch ups.

Mary Kay Mineral Makeup

Mary Kay mineral foundations and concealers have the best finish and it is ideal for oily skin. It is easy to apply and does not streak or get cakey. It also looks great on mature women as it gives a matte effect without the powder settling down in fine lines or wrinkles. It has an all natural finish and it gives you a freshly scrubbed no makeup look. It also lasts all day long, making it ideal for everyday use.

Some other good brands of mineral makeup are L'Oreal Mineral Makeup, Philosophy Mineral Makeup, Pur Minerals and Colorescience Mineral Makeup. The key to a natural look is blending the product seamlessly into your skin. People who have sensitive skin should apply mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride. When applying mineral makeup, remember that less is more and you need to apply a very small amount on your skin.
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