Thursday, October 11, 2012

Eyeglass Frames Trends 2012

Eyeglasses are inevitable and sooner or later, all have to start using prescription spectacles for vision correction. Eyeglasses have come a long way from the dull, boring frames that made you look like a geek. You need not hide the fact that you wear glasses anymore. Instead, the new eyeglass frames will make you flaunt your glass eyes. The eyeglass frames trends 2012 will make you pack off your contact lenses and wear your spectacles confidently.

The trendy eyeglass frames, as hot as pancakes, are a part of the latest fashion trends 2012. You can enhance your hairstyles along with hair color trends by matching them with the current trends in eyeglass frames. Say good-bye to the nerdy eyeglass frames and say hello to chic and trendy eyeglass frames.

Best Eyeglass Frames 2012

The latest trends in eyeglass frames is a unisex appeal. Eyeglasses are now considered as a fashion item. Glasses are now used for begin stylish as well as add glamor to one's personality. However, one needs to choose the right frames to achieve a mind-blowing look. If you end up wearing the wrong frame, it would ruin your overall look and even end up making you look older than you actually are!

  The best eyeglasses frames 2012 are made of plastic. The eyeglass frames with large lens and thin plastic frame are in fashion. You can even go in for the two-toned plastic frames. You can try the eyeglass trends, wherein the upper half is black in color and lower half is colorless plastic. This will give your eyeglass frame appear like semi-rimless glass frames.

 Women can try the current trends in eyeglass frames of warm browns, black as well as gray shades. If you are searching for a sophisticated piece of eyeglass frame, that will match your dress and accessories for an evening date, you can choose the color block glasses. These are the latest fashion trends in the world of eyeglass frames. You can choose a single solid block color or go in for two or more solid colors together. It has been seen, people are choosing two toned glasses or bold bright readers nowadays.

The latest trends in eyeglass frames include cat eye glasses. These are the most stylish frames that you should invest in this season. They are trendy and sported by many celebrities as well as models. The shape of the frame is similar to the shape of a cat's eye. These frames come in various colors and designs. Some have two colored frames, some have a thin frame and some have bold, broad frames. Choose the one that suits your face structure and sport the latest trend of 2012.

  The current eyeglasses trends 2012 includes the contrasting lens and frames. You can have the best of two worlds with these combo frames and lens. The lens is of another color and the frame has a different contrasting color. The retro is back with eyeglass frames inspired from the small and narrow frames of the 1940s, 50s as well as 60s. These retro frames really help accentuate your features and make you look sharp and trendy.

The eyeglass frames 2012 includes detailing. There are glasses with embellishments like crystals, etching, iridescent hues, cutout arms, stripes as well diamonds in some cases. If you want to accessorize your eyes and match it with your overall outfit, do go in for detailed glass frames.

Office goers who do not need flamboyant frames, but trendy and subtle glasses, can go in for everyday glass frames. This includes the black or brown frames for oversized glasses. These frames can be given a twist by choosing light or neutral frame shades. Rectangular glasses are back in fashion. These frames look stylish and add a bit of sophistication to a professional look.

Odd shaped glasses like heart-shaped glasses, oval-shaped glasses, diamond-shaped glasses, are in this season. These frames are more common in case of sunglasses, than eyeglasses. Men will find more comfortable and durable best eyeglass frames. They can opt for beefy, squared frames that have a look of the 50s. Go in for two-tone colored frames where one color blends into the other. Thin, sleek glass frames for men is also in vogue. Light rimless or semi-rimless glass frames are in trend this season. If you want to sport the style of 70s, go in for double bridges, temple cutouts with a casual feel.

Designer Eyeglass Frames 2012

The designer eyeglass frames have an interesting look to them. 'DQ5105' from Dsquared, 'Joe' by VonZipper, and 'Alex' by Marc Ecko Cut & Sew have come up with up-to-date preppy eyeglass frame collection. Paula Deen, Prince de Sassoun by Alain Mikli and Lafont offer detailed, scrollwork or embellished frames. 4th Dimension, Lilly Pulitzer, Miyagi, Dolce & Gabbana, and Mario Galbatti offer pattern frames that help color to your wardrobe. Those looking for frames that have a studious, serious yet young feel to it should go in for frames by Danish eyewear, Marc Jacobs, 'NO2' by Mykita and others.

This was a little information about the eyeglass frames trends 2012. Vintage is the essence of the latest fashion trends and you will find the same in the popular eyeglass frames. You can follow the latest trends in eyeglass frames from magazines and Internet and look for a frame that suits your face shape and personality. You can invest in more than one frame and wear them according to your look of the day. Keep an eye on discounts as well as coupons and promotional offers in newspapers, magazines and television advertisements. These discounts and promotional deals will help you invest in different eyeglass frames without burning a hole in your pocket. The current trends in eyeglass frames will make you flaunt your new dignified and sophisticated stylish look with ease.  
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